Environmental Landscape Design

Today, and in the future, the environment will play a key role in many decision making processes.  The auto, energy, housing, and agricultural industries in this county and across the world will be forced to be innovative and gentler to the environment through their practices.  With this in mind, landscape contractors and homeowners can do many beneficial things that will help them bring the ecosystem concept back to the residential setting.  Landscapes will play a critical role in environmental sustainability as more and more of our natural areas disappear.

Getting Started

Consult with a professional.  They will steer you in the right direction and save you from making costly mistakes down the road.

Have a plan.  A well-thought out drawing from a qualified landscape designer is the key to budgeting and executing any landscape project effectively.

Our Services

Native Plantings- Our landscape plans incorporate plant material that is time tested and hardy to this region.  We believe that well-acclimated plants will have a netter chance of holding up through the years.

Shade Tree Plantings- Our designs encourage the use of numerous shade trees and evergreens.  Mature tress not only significantly increase a property's value, they also save home owners money on their energy bills.  Properly placed trees can cut summer cooling bills in half, and evergreen screen can block chilling winter winds from whipping against your house.

Groundcover Plantings- We utilize a wide variety of evergreen and deciduous groundcovers to bring unity and harmony to our designs.  They can be used to complement any landscape since they come in a variety of textures and colors.  Groundcovers also decrease energy consumption by eventually taking the place of yearly mulch applications.  Additionally, they require much less maintenance than conventional lawns.

Water Solutions- Many applications for water conservation can be utilized right in your own backyard.  We offer drip irrigation systems, rainwater collection, and drought tolerant plantings.  These and other practices offer solutions to excessive runoff, water shortfalls, erosion control, drainage problems, and costly water bills. 

Edible Landscapes- The idea of homegrown fruits and vegetables is not a new idea, but it is one we have gotten away from in this county.  In the residential landscape, vegetable gardens can be more that boring and functional.  We can create aesthetically pleasing designs that are functional as well.  Homegrown fruits and vegetables are healthier for you, and they are better for the environment since they involve no packaging or shipment. 

Organic Soil Preparation- We provide a balanced soil rich in organics and microbial activity.  Healthy soil allows for increased nutrient availability and requires much less fertilizer to achieve healthy plant growth.

A properly planned environment will reward
you with years of beauty and enjoyment!